Combinig - Folding
Product Characteristics
CEMENT 5000 Standard natural rubber-based (NR) cement with high viscosity for combining and folding with porous materials.
CEMENT 7000/ST Modified NR cement with improved heat resistance and suitable to be used with greasy leathers.
CEMENT EXTRA MÁQUINA Standard natural rubber-based (NR) cement with low viscosity for combining and folding.
General Purpose & Construction Adhesives
Product Characteristics
CELLOPRENE P-3571/2000 Contact adhesive specially created for fast bondings to be done by heat reactivation, adequate when bondings initial strength and heat resistance must be high.
Insole Bonding
Product Characteristics
CEBETACK 670/2000 One way contact adhesive with good adhesion to strip, salpa and leather board. High viscosity with high solid content and good machinability.
MONTAROL 270 FT/2000 Contact adhesive with long cold open time and good tack level, with low viscosity for roller application to use in insoles with or without shank.
MONTAROL 27ST-FF/2000 Contact cement with long cold open time and good tack level, with very low viscosity. Economic contact adhesive, generally used in the shoe industry and the leather goods industry.
MONTAROL 27ST-VISCOSO/2000 Contact adhesive with long cold open time and good tack level, with high viscosity for porous materials. Economic contact adhesive, generally used in the shoe industry and the leather goods industry.
MONTAROL MA-1W/ESPECIAL One way adhesive with very high tack, high initial strength and medium to low heat resistance.
Product Characteristics
MONTAROL MA-1W/TV-2000 One way contact adhesive with high initial strength with good adhesion to difficult insoles materials.
MONTAROL PLANTAS CH Contact adhesive formulated for one-way wet bonding of socks to PVC or patent leather lined insoles.
MONTAROL PLANTAS H Standard CR cement for one-way wet bonding of socks to insoles.
MONTAROL PLANTAS HT/VISCOSO-2000 Igual que el Montarol Plantas H pero con alta viscosidad especial para materiales muy absorbentes y/o difíciles de pegar.
MONTAROL PLANTAS P Contact adhesive formulated for one-way wet bonding of socks to PVC lined insoles.
PLASTIKOL P-500 Polyurethane solvent based adhesive for COLD BONDING. Very fast one way adhesive, with good cohesive strength and moderate heat resistance.
Product Characteristics
MONTAROL 8210 Fast contact adhesive for lasting with high heat resistance and medium to high viscosity.
MONTAROL HORNO 500 Contact adhesive for lasting or weave jute soles for later vulcanization.
MONTAROL UPE-2000 Contact adhesive for machine lasting with good heat resistance and 30min open time.
MONTAROL UPE-2000/VISCOSO High viscosity version of MONTAROL UPE-2000.
ROK 69-S/2000 Non stain contact adhesive for lining and lasting. To bond upper to sole is possible as two component.
Product Characteristics
MONTAROL 260F/2000 For covering heels and insoles. Long open time and high tack with adequate heat resistance.
ROK 70/2000 Contact adhesive with long open time, high tack and non stain for lasting, combining, folding, upper/sole bonding of textile or jute.
Primers & Various
Product Characteristics
DISOLVENTE 2000 Solvent to dilute or cleaning agent for polychloroprene adhesives. Also for cleaning of brochures, spray guns and other application tools.
IMPRIMER PUR-3/2000A Solvent-based polyurethane (PUR) primer, specially used in the shoe industry, as a primer for rubber, TR, PVC and polyurethane soles, suitable pre-treated. Also suitable as a primer for leathers and other porous materials.
INSOCOL IMPRIMACIÓN 3000/ST Solvent based polychloroprene (CR) primer of 2 components, for the preparation of EVA microcellular sole and EVA/SBR avoiding roughing and allowing storage prior to cementing with polyurethane solvent or water base to leather or plastic uppers. Brushable.
Upper/Sole Bonding
Product Characteristics
CELLOPRENE 2000 For bonding leather, resin-rubber EVA and microcellular rubber soles to leather uppers. High initial strength and good heat resistance. Standard 30 minutes open time.
CELLOPRENE 2000 PISTOLA Similar as Celloprene 2000 but sprayable version.
CELLOPRENE 2000/V High viscosity version of CELLOPRENE 2000.
INSOCOL 2889/ST For cementing textile footwear, canvas uppers to jute soles. Clear colour. Two components.
INSOCOL 8500/2000 Similar to INSOCOL GTR/2000 but with short open time a low tack.
INSOCOL GTR/2000 Standard two components adhesive for bonding vulcanized rubber, crêpe, cellular and microcellular rubber, EVA as well as leather soles to leather uppers. For insole to rubber sole bonding. 30 minutes open time.
INSOCOL SR Very fast two component contact adhesive with high heat resistance.
PLASTIFLEX 88/2000 TOLUENE FREE version of PLASTIFLEX 88 with same properties.
PLASTIKOL 2000 TOLUENE FREE Polyurethane adhesive for lasting and sole bonding in sandals.
PLASTIKOL 2877-V/2000 TOLUENE FREE version of PLASTIKOL 2877-V with same properties.
PLASTIKOL 552 BV Polyurethane adhesive for high plasticized PVC soles bonding and for direct injection of PVC and PUR soles to roughened leather and PUR upper materials and also for very rapid cementing processes.
PLASTIKOL 553 BV/RC TOLUENE FREE Similar as PLASTIKOL 553-BV, with greater initial strength and higher heat resistance. Suitable for very rapid cementing processes.
ROK FLEX/2000 TOLUENE FREE version of ROK FLEX with same properties.