Contact Adhesives Brush Application
Product Characteristics
MONTAROL 1W/F Similar to MONTAROL UPE/2000 ESPECIAL but with high tack level and low heat resistance.
MONTAROL 260 F/NS Specially created for the bonding of very porous materials (textiles, board, foam, cork) to itself or to wood, metal, etc. Brochure application, two ways bonding, very long open time, fast drying time and high tack. Light coloured, minimum dirtying, very good brushability.
NEO CONTACTO General use at Wood, Upholstery, Construction Industries for the wood and massed wood covering with wood sheets and stratifies. Fast adhesive with high initial strength. Good adhesion with plastics and rubbers. High heat resistance.
Spaying Solvent Based Adhesives
Product Characteristics
CELLOPRENE P-3571/2000 TOLUENE FREE version of CELLOPRENE P-3571 with same properties.
Sprayable Adhesives for Upholstery
Product Characteristics
SPRAY S-3 One or two bonding surfaces application. It reaches the requirements for the manufacture of seats for the Automotive Industry, such as heat resistance to temperatures of 60-80ºC.
Product Characteristics
DISOLVENTE 1659 Cleaner solvent for brakes and other parts of the engines on garages.
DISOLVENTE N For the cleaning of machines, spray-guns, brochures etc. that apply polychloroprene and synthetic rubber adhesives.
DISOLVENTE S-1785 Cleaner solvent for bicycles and motorbikes. Clean the dust and grease without damage plastics, carbon fibre or rubber parts.
DISOLVENTES PBA-1756 y PBA-1759 Solvent blend to dilute water based paints on commercial vehicle conversions.