Graphic Arts
Product Characteristics
DISOLVENTE S-1436 Solvent for cleaning silkscreen screens. To eliminate traces of ink on the screen with a gentle cleaning.
DISOLVENTE S-1438 Solvent for cleaning silkscreen screens. For thorough cleaning that does not attack the screens.
Paper, Cartoon, Laminating
Product Characteristics
DISOLVENTE S-1785 Cleaning solvent for the cleaning of cylinders and blankets in rotating machines in manual and automatic processes.
DISOLVENTE S-1816 Similar to DISOLVENTE S-1785 but more effective without attacking the cylinders.
TYROCOL A-6/F Water based sprayable high tack adhesive for paper, cardboard or synthetics to wood, galvanized sheet, ceramics, leather, etc.
TYROCOL C-10 Special glue for plastics laminating.
TYROCOL C-10/FP Withe glue for paper, cardboard to PE, PP or PVC plastics sheets. The dry film is flexible.
TYROCOL C-30 Withe glue for paper, cartoon. The dry film is flexible.
In graphic arts for loins books.
TYROCOL C-31 Standard water based adhesive for roller application to made cardboard boxes.
TYROCOL C-50 Special glue for photo books. Plastic laminating in screens lamps.
Product Characteristics
ACTIVADOR WT Activating solvent for hydroprinting using WATER TRANSFER processes for PVA films.
ADHESIVO TL/NS Contact adhesive for gluing ornaments, hoops, appliqués on lampshades. Does not yellow and sticks in semi-wet contact.
AQUATACK BC Adhesive for the capture of insects. High level of tack and stickiness which are maintained for long periods of time.